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Things I Say to My Cats

You’ll want to turn up the volume a bit.

Howl Insists…

…that I pet him an tell him what a sweet and cute kitty he is.

Morning Naps

Tsuki believes that 11 am is the perfect time for a nap.

Cleaning House

So today I managed to vacuum 3 of 5 cats. Note: Merlin would have moved if he hated it.

Happy Girl

Tsuki was clinging to me and talking as I was doing laundry tonight, so I brought her into the bedroom for some snuggles and pets. She’s a very happy girl. So glad to be on the bed she drooled on me three times. Haha!

Eating With Tsuki

Tsuki insisted she be on my lap while I was eating. She does this often but never actually wants any of the food. Silly girl.

The Cuddle Puddle

It’s rare to see Tsuki snuggling with anyone other than Sol. Here she is with Sol and Howl.

How to do Monday…

According to Sol, Howl, and Merlin. Let the cuddle puddles begin!

Tsuki Cuddles

Tsuki has been unusually clingy and needy the past few days. She’ll stuff herself into my lap, shirt, robe, blanket, wherever she *thinks* she can fit, and then purrs and kneads to her little heart’s content. She’s also been complaining to me, something she’s…


Sol is a jerk who likes to rush the door to the garage so he can go get into stuff.