This was the first time I’ve gotten to see over 90% of an eclipse! It was fun to go out with my pinhole paper and check it out a couple times. I even found a moon! (Her name is Tsuki, which means moon) 😉 

New Label Maker

So I got a new label maker today and I just had to test it out. Loving the boarders and fonts. 

Merlin is unimpressed with my schenanigans. 


Sol is a jerk who likes to rush the door to the garage so he can go get into stuff.

Expert Help

Tsuki strongly believes that everything requires her expert assistance and approval. Currently this means flopping on me while I try to organize paperwork and notebooks.

Capes for Cats

…sort of.

Kirk put his shirt on Merlin who wiggled all over and told us all about it.

“Mama! Papa gave me a cape!”


This adorable jerk wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to do school work. He complained at me till I cuddled him.


First Post!


Was on my way back to the living room from the kitchen and as usual, Tsuki came tootling along to walk in front of me, she normally does this and then flops on the floor right where you are walking. So today, when I thought she was going to flop, I acted like I was headed for the bathroom instead of the couch. She loves to potty stalk and beg for water from the tap and was all too happy to change direction and head that way. I then swung back toward the couch and sat down.

The things we do to avoid stepping/tripping on the cat.