Tsuki Cuddles

Tsuki has been unusually clingy and needy the past few days. She’ll stuff herself into my lap, shirt, robe, blanket, wherever she *thinks* she can fit, and then purrs and kneads to her little heart’s content. She’s also been complaining to me, something she’s only done when we’ve lightly stepped on her. Not sure what’s going on, I’ve checked her over and not found anything.

Tsuki is my cuddle buddy.

Zedd Has a Silly

Zedd is wired funny. This morning when I came upstairs and sat down on the couch, Zedd came and stood next to me on the armrest. I thought he wanted to sit on my lap, so I patted my leg and called to him. He jumped over my lap to the other end of the couch and went to Kirk who was standing on the other side of his side table at the opposite end of the sofa. We cracked up because he does the same thing on weekend mornings but when Kirk and I are both sitting on the couch, I will pat my leg, or the sofa and Zedd will jump up and go to Kirk. Like he needs *my* permission to do this. It’s so funny!

Brief Hiatus

I have some work deadlines coming up that I have to make, so I’m playing catch up because of the cold I had. Unfortunately,  this leaves me with little time to work on blogging, at least for the next couple weeks. I will post if I manage to catch up sooner than I expect. *Crossing my fingers* I’ve been more tired than usual the past few days, so I’ve been napping quite a bit.

Self-care is important, don’t put yourself down for falling ill or having sick days. Your body needs you to take care of it. It’s cold and flu season, please use proper hygiene and consider wearing a mask, even if you aren’t sick. I carry a mask, hand sanitizer, and wash my hands extra when I’m out.

Sol Update

Sol is healing well! He’s still on cage rest, but he’s able to walk around decently and flex his knee. We’re having to snuggle him a lot to keep him in good spirits. He enjoys this greatly and gets grumpy with us if we have to get up.

Broken Arm

Broke the radius in my left arm on Sunday (10/01/2017) while trying to put the spare tire on my car. I was in a splint for a few days and got the cast yesterday. Howl is having to come to terms with the fact I cannot pet him with both hands.

Sol Goes For a Walk!

Managed to get Sol to walk on the treadmill with me! (He’s fine after being dumped off the end)

Winnie the Kitten

Just found this video on YouTube of an adorable kitten named Winnie.

Winnie the Kitten bobbing to Uptown Funk. Found on Shelter Cats and Kittens YouTube.


Kirk and Sol fell asleep on the couch together last night, it was adorable. Sol was all snuggled into Kirk’s leg and side and looked rather content. I didn’t want to wake them, so I let them be for a while before I disturbed their snuggles. Sol was not a happy kitty to have to give up his favorite person, but Kirk needed to go to bed. Haha! I love my sweet kitties!

Shaking My Head

I’m sitting on the couch with a pillow and the heating pad behind my back when Sol comes tromping up onto the couch in his usual graceless fashion. He’s trying to get on my lap, but I have one knee up to block my lap, so he’s trying to crawl over the pillow to get into my lap. Meanwhile, Kirk comes up and starts scratching the base of his tail, this caused a short circuit in Sol’s brain, and he starts licking the pillow. *Shaking my head* This cat is a special kinda different.

Howl is a Sweetie

Howl has been very attentive the past few days. He’ll headbutt my cheek for attention, rub his face all over in my hair and purr, knead my leg, or sit in my lap and ask for kisses. I’m fortunate to have such sweet kitties! He always knows when I need love.