The internet is full of cats, for which I am grateful. I’ve been told over the years that people on my personal social media really enjoy the pictures and posts about my kitties, so I decided to make a blog about my fur-family.

I am currently owned by 5 cats. Two gray tabby mixes that I often refer to as the “Gray Babies” and three orange tabbies that I call “The Boys.”

Since folks have told me they have trouble remembering who is who, here are little bios with photos of the kitties!

The only girl and my supper snuggly cuddle buddy. She’s incredibly soft and huggable. She’s also that cat that will draw your attention and then stare at you while she knocks things over.

Likes: Crinkle plastic, ham, socks, laser pointers, water out of the tap, potty stalking, belly rubs and snuggles.

Dislikes: Being locked out of rooms and being harassed by the boys.

Sol: Our needy derpy boy who loves attention and play. He has feline herpes, which gives him upper respiratory issues, and a congenital defect in his knees. He’s had 3 knee surgeries and is doing much better!

Likes: Kirk, being loved on, food, licking the wall, kneading all the soft things.

Dislikes: Being low on the pecking order, having to take pills, not getting enough cuddles.

Howl: The alpha of the group and the most gentle sweet and loving kitty. He chirp-purrs when he’s happy, checks on everyone routinely, and almost never gets in trouble. He does what we call “Cute-ing” when he turns himself upside down and wiggles for attention.

Likes: Sticking his face in my hair after I have showered or colored it, wet food, being played with, and “baby-talked” to.

Dislikes: Being startled, moving, and when his brothers get rough.

Howl is the sweetest cat I’ve ever had.

Merlin: Extremely playful and loving kitty.  Merlin can find anything you try to hide from him and get it. He has a loud voice and will talk to you about everything.

Likes: Kisses and snuggling, playtime and running around the house like like a loony, playing fetch with his favorite ball (when we can find it), getting into/onto things he’s not supposed to and then sassing you when you tell him to get down.

Dislikes: The vacuum, not getting enough kisses, loud noises.

Zeddicus aka Zedd: Thinks he’s a dog, he’ll come when he’s called. He’ll wait for permission from me to get on the couch so he can go to Kirk for scratches and pet. Sits up like a meercat for pets.

Likes: Scritches and being played with, rubbing his face all over my hair, wet food, being baby-talked to, and veggies.

Dislikes: The vacuum, loud noises, not getting enough treats, and moving.



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